Marketing your grain

Selecting the right partner to market your grain is essential.  We’ve been working with the same growers for years; it’s not a coincidence that they keep coming back to us.  Let us demonstrate to you why we are the number one option to market your crops.

Product Selection

All our products are grown in Western Canada.  Our commitment to the highest quality pulses and grains have been one of our key drivers of success.  We own and operate 6 state-of-the-art processing and cleaning facilities to ensure we live up to our promise.

Working at ILTA Grain

We are committed to attracting world class talent.  Our focus on building an environment that is rewarding as well as challenging has allowed us to be one of Canada’s premier employers.

Canada is the world’s largest exporter of lentils to the global marketplace. The most commonly grown lentils in Canada are the large green “laird” and the red lentil.

Almost all of Canada’s lentils are grown in Saskatchewan, some in southern Alberta and Manitoba.

Canada is the largest producer and exporter of field peas. Canada’s pea crop is largely grown in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Canada primarily grows yellow and green peas. There are smaller quantities of maple, marrowfat, and winter peas produced in the region.

Canada produces over a dozen different types of beans and sells these products both domestically and internationally. Most of Canada’s beans are grown in Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.

Canada’s grows navy bean, pinto, cranberry, black and dark red kidney, light red kidney, great northern, pink and small red.

Canadian flax is grown in the northern climate of the western Canadian prairies. Canada is the world’s leader in the production and export of flax.

The primary export markets for Canadian flax are Europe, U.S., Japan and South Korea.